Invasive Plants and Management Strategies
USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service, CT office
Identification sheets, downloadable brochures and fact sheets

Plant Identification
Go Botany!

Fact Sheets
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group, 2004

Least Wanted fact sheets; Weeds Gone Wild
Plant Conservation Alliance’s Alien Plant Working Group

Mistaken Identity? Invasive Plants and their Native Look-alikes
An Identification Guide for the Mid-Atlantic by Sarver, Treher, Wilson, Naczi, Kuehn

USDA Plants Database

Sources for Additional Information

Henry Morgenthau Preserve

Mianus River Gorge Preserve

Lower Hudson PRISM

New York / New Jersey Trail Conference

The Pound Ridge Land Conservancy

Westchester Land Trust

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Walkable Westchester Guide
By Jane and Walt Daniels

Giant Hogweed Hotline:
845 256-3111

Eurasian Watermilfoil WATCH
Note exact location, wrap plant fragment in wet paper towel, place in plastic bag.
Call NY DEC Lake Services Section: 518 402-8282

Collect specimen in a jar, store in the freezer, notify an official.
Emerald Ash Borer: 866 322 4512
Asian Longhorned Beetle: 866-702-9938

The Mile-a-Minute Project of the Hudson Valley

About Native Plants
Pound Ridge Conservation Board Deer-resistant native plant list

Native Species Planting Guide for New York City and Vicinity
Natural Resources Group. City of New York Parks & Recreation

Invasive Plants
New York State Interim List of Invasive Plant Species

Connecticut List of Invasive Plant Species
Invasive Plants: Guide to Identification and the Impacts and Control of Common North American Species;
Kaufman and Kaufman, Stackpole Press, 2007