The town of Pound Ridge (25 sq. miles located in Westchester County, NY) serves as our laboratory and the residents (pop. 5,000) are our most important resource. The initial success of The Invasives Project-Pound Ridge arose from a carefully planned and documented pilot program designed to educate and involve residents, town officials, and personnel on the following:

  1. Assessing changes in the local ecology in regards to the impact of invasive plants, the deer population and deer management program, and the recovery of native plant populations.

  2. Discouraging the use of non-native and invasive plants by landscape suppliers, contractors, and homeowners.

  3. Encouraging the ‘early detection and rapid response’ to emerging invasive species and providing an avenue to alert others and initiate action steps.

  4. Providing educational programs about controlling invasives plants:
    a. On private property and around the town,
    b. and by collectively targeting specific species such as oriental bittersweet, Japanese barberry, mile-a-minute, and Japanese Stiltgrass through identification, removal and replacement.

  5. Providing leadership in the use of ecologically sustainable practices, including the protection of native plant species and their use in restoration projects.

  6. Promoting conservations of view sheds and roadways, community character, and preservation of wildlife habitat.

Our community partners include The Pound Ridge Partnership, the Mianus River Gorge Preserve, the Pound Ridge Land Conservancy, the Pound Ridge Library and the Westchester Land Trust. Work parties are planned at different locations in town and in cooperation with local organizations such as the Pound Ridge Ambulance Corps, Lions Club, and Boy Scouts.

If you would like to receive notice of our activities or request free help identifying possible invasives on your property, please contact us at